Challenges for .brands – From Strategy to Implementation Planning

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts discussing the strategic and operational challenges faced by .brand TLD owners and the processes involved in getting them ready for use. Previously I discussed how to turn your ideas into a .brand TLD strategy, which you can read here.

While your strategy and objectives speak more broadly to why you're launching a .brand TLD, your implementation plan covers the all-important 'how'. Once you complete your strategy workshop session to … Continue reading...

ICANN Calls for Public Involvement in Domain Names Procedures

ICANN has launched an open invitation to the community of users to get involved into the process of disagreement decision, making a statement that all the letters of intention will be kept private. All applicants are required to read all the necessary documentation before submission.

A concern has been expressed regarding the report about the regulations break from one of the registry operators that were agreed with ICANN. The same verification may happen with others registry operators so that all … Continue reading...

.ONLINE GA Launches with 28,000 Registrations in the First 30 Minutes

Radix's much awaited and probably its biggest TLD, .online entered General Availability earlier today. .online has smashed .club's launch record by registering 28,000+ domains in the first 30 minutes itself.

After a stellar Sunrise performance, .online closed with 1130 EAP orders — the highest EAP registrations recorded by any new domain extension. Several customers even paid an additional premium registration fee to grab names like,,,,,,over and above the Early Access Fee.

Registrars are equally … Continue reading...

Continuous Assessment – True Key to Professional Advancement

ICANN has periodic internal assessment reviews whose purpose is to measure the quality of services delivered to the public but also to determine the precision for every gTLD program that is implemented.

In order to ensure an objective evaluation, private companies are preferred and they are given the task of coming with a full and extensive report in concordance with the goals and methodology which is contained by ICANN’s public policy.

At the same time the report contains suggestions of … Continue reading...

Main Goal for ICANN: Services Getting Improved Through Precision

In the continuous process of updating latest technologies available on the market and implementing the newest information, ICANN has worked with the experts from various governments in order to come up with the most precise WHOIS data.

The outcome of this work is contained in a document which was published on the organization’s website and among other objectives and goals it is wanted that feedback from the community of users will be received soon, in order to come with a … Continue reading...

Updated Set of Rules for the Forthcoming Auctions

A revised schedule for the next auction from ICANN has been published and will include qualified disputed ownership of domain names as well as the delayed similar processes from previous months.

The latest regulations about this procedure have been reviewed and put into use and according to them a time duration of at least forty-five days is required before participation to any auction takes place.

One of the modifications that are brought forth is the fact that any participant in … Continue reading...

New Application Procedures In Place Soon

Latest PDT materials have come into main focus for ICANN who issued new documents featuring better procedures meant to ease the application procedures for the new submissions.

At the same time, the modified drill was empowered so that it makes sure the applicant has both the expertise and possibility to use and manage a new gTLD name, in strict connection to the application fles that are available for the customers on ICANN’s website.

When applying there are certain chapters and … Continue reading...

ICANN Versus Legal Dilemma In A Domain Name Property Case

In a recent action the US authorities enabled ICANN to deal with a case which involved the possibility for victims of terrorism of getting control over Iran’s ccTLD.

The decision of the court had to deal with the issue of legality over the question if domain names can be taken away as a form of compensation for someone, especially since no similar cases have been met before.

What was brought forth was the idea that the services of a domain … Continue reading...