Localized Versions for .net And .com TLDs In Hangul Script

Verisign has recently announced the launch of new gTLDs for the Korean market, which are the localized versions for .net and .com TLDs in Hangul script. For both gTLDs, .닷컴 (.com) and .닷넷 (.net), the Sunrise Period is from May 16, 2016 to June 19, 2016.


With their now hangul localizations, .닷컴 and .닷넷 IDN TLDs represent reliable homes for businesses in Korea and a better way to connect with native Korean script.


If you count … Continue reading...

Sedo: 542 Domain Name Transactions Done Lately

It seems Sedo had a very productive sales period lately, boardroom.com being one of the 542 domain name transactions for a total of $1.5 million.


LVN.com bought with €50,000 by Leverton GmbH, who provides a technology for pulling out data from corporate documents. The most used of its webs addresses is Leverton.de.


ITjobs.in. Although still in escrow, it was sold with £18,000, perhaps by Jobs.bg.


Ruoz.com purchased for €10,000. The buyer of this four letter … Continue reading...

3 Ways to Enhance Your SEO Content Strategy in 2016

With more than 2million blog posts published today (source: Worldometers), it is clear that content alone isn’t going to help you get anywhere. Your brand and your business deserve a change. Here are 3 ways to enhance your seo content strategy, and move away from boring text. The result is of course, not just a diverse strategy, but also a diverse audience.

#1. User Realtime Heat Maps

Heat maps aren’t anything new, however real-time heat maps that identify … Continue reading...

MMX Annual Results Report Launched

The Minds + Machines company has recently released its 2015 annual results report, which shows an increase on billings and revenue from last year, while the operating expenses area, remained the same, $12.3 million.


Compared to $1.9 million in 2014, the revenues have considerably grown to $6.3 million in 2015. Referring to billings we cannot talk about an outstanding growth as in the revenues area, but in comparison with 2014 ($5 million), in 2015 it had $7.9 million.… Continue reading...

Meet Boston Ivy, Home to Some of the Most Specialized TLDs in the Financial Services Sector

Boston Ivy Registry is home to some of the most specialised Top Level Domains (TLDs) in the financial services sector, including .broker, .forex, .CFD, .markets, .spreadbetting and .trading. The company is backed by IG Group, a FTSE 250 listed, global leader in online trading. Now fully live and operational since Q4 2015, financial companies, banks and brokers have come forward to take advantage of registering their domain names of choice under these brand new … Continue reading...

Strategic Use of Screenshots from the Wayback Machine

Internet Archive contains a vast library of screenshots of websites that its Wayback Machine captures sporadically over the course of domain names' histories. While it doesn't compile daily images it opens a sufficient window to past use which is unique, invaluable, and free. (There are also subscription services, but they come at a hefty cost!). How it's used (and why the Wayback Machine should be in a party's toolkit) for supporting and opposing claims of cybersquatting is illuminated in a … Continue reading...

Domain Name Retention.com Available For Purchase

According to eNaming, it was recently launched the perfect premium domain name, “ retention.com ”, for companies centered on employee and customer retention services.


The founder and CEO of eNaming, Tracy Fogarty, believes that “retention is so important to a business’s bottom line.”


Both current and new customers weigh the same for companies, even though it is 5 times more difficult to attract new customers. Considering all this you can realize why retention is truly important for … Continue reading...